Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last night Elissa and I decided to clean our apartment.

(I'll pause for a moment to give you time to recover from your state of shock.)

There we were, merrily cleaning and dusting and washing and swiffering, when I decided to rearrange the pillows on the couch.

I look down and there is a brown, almond shaped bug with antennae and multiple legs and not really so small but not cockroach size (and trust me I've seen a cockroach or 17 in my day) just hanging out all "what up yo?"

So I screamed and threw the pillow and the bug crawled into the couch and I decided that I was never sitting on that couch again, but that's ok because I have other pieces of furniture like a large comfy chair and not so comfy dining room chairs and couches are kind of overrated, aren't they?

So fast-forward 10 minutes and I look up from across the room and there is the bug crawling across the wall up close to the ceiling all "hey, here I am again! What's new peeps?"

Immediately I leapt into action.

Which is to say that I leapt onto the livingroom chair and begain screaming and pointing frantically and begging Elissa to kill it.

So Elissa grabbed a bottle of Green Works cleaner and sprayed the bug until it fell off the wall and then sprayed it and sprayed it and sprayed it on the ground until it was drowned in a puddle.

Mike, you would have been so proud.

A better entry to come later, I promise...

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