Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Brain Itches

I'm actually in a really good mood today, you guys.

I had to catch a cab this morning and the driver (who is typically surly and terrifying) acted like he was overjoyed to have me as a passenger.

Him: "Hello! How are you today??"

Me: "Good thank you. And you?"

Him: "I'm doing greattttttt!!!!"

Yes it was all dragged out like that too, and not in a sarcastic, bitter kind of way, but in a really, trully this guy is having a fantistic day kind of way. It was instantly contagious.

Wow, I thought to myself. Maybe this IS a really great day?

Then I got to work and I got into the elevator with a messenger who was middle-aged, black (this is important because it comes up later), and was acting like he was on speed. Seriously, he pushed the button to his floor about five times. Then the button to my floor five times, then a couple other girls got on the elevator and he pushed the button to their floor about five times.

The security guard (also black) called out to him to ask where he was going:

Security guard: "What floor are you going to?"

Messenger: "Six! Some architecture place!"

Security guard: "See me before you leave."

Messenger: "I got you, black man!"

I just loved that whole assumption of "you're black and I'm black so don't worry I won't screw you over."

Then we're in the elevator and he turns to one of the other girls and delivers this gem:

"If I was Tiger Woods I'd wanna marry you. Seriously though, I think that guy's in New York now. Careful, he could jump out of a bush any time!"

My day was really on a roll now.

The only negative so far (other than being at work) is that I've had this wracking cough for the past couple of days which now seems to have turned into a full-on respiratory infectiony thing and it's not fun.

You know that feeling where your ears itch really deep on the inside? Like, so deep you feel like you could scratch them on the inside with your tongue but that really doesn't work, so you want to jam Q-tips into your ears as far as they will go and massage your brain with them? Well that's how I feel today. And it's annoying as hell.

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