Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stand Down!

As a regular theater-goer, I must issue a complaint.

Everyone, listen up: the standing ovation is way overdone!

Once upon a time it was used for an exceptional performance, and on a rare occasion at that. Now it seems that every damn show I go to that doesn't utterly suck gets a standing ovation.

It's always just a few of you out there who start it, I know it is. It's like a freaking wave at a baseball game. One group of over-eager tourists stands up and then the people behind them can't see and THEY stand up and then the people behind THEM have to stand up and so on and so forth until I'm rolling my eyes but want to see the actors take their bows so I am forced to stand up too. Or I could stay seated and have everyone look at me like I'm that dissenting asshole. Those are my choices.

Well, I am sick of being forced to give a standing ovation I don't believe in, people! Pick and choose your standing ovations more carefully or I'll...I'll...well really I'll do nothing because there is not much I can do against the tourist masses. But I will post angrily on my blog, dammit!

Oh, and another thing that annoys me about curtain call while we're on the subject? People who clap along to the music rather than applaud.

And now a funny cat cartoon to lighten the mood!


Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

AGREED! i've actually sat through standing ovations. Yes, i've gotten looks of you-dissenting-asshole, i also like to think that i've gotten wistful looks of wow-you-have-the-guts-to-actually-express-your-opinion-rather-than-express-someone-else's-opinion-out-of-guilt.

And that cat cartoon is great. Did you make it or find it?

Liz said...

Definitely found it! :)