Friday, September 3, 2010

Where Liz Decides to Try and Be Creative

Inspired by my real life (and blogger) friend Eileen of Speak Coffee to Me (and, well, pretty much everyone else in the world who is at all internet savvy in the most remote way) I decided to create my own header for my blog.

These cats took me a really long time to make, you guys. Like, an embarassing long time.

But the important thing is that I'm happy with the result, and I hope you don't hold it against me that these cats don't have tails, because the tails really weren't working for me.

And yes, "Tail" is on purpose ;) This is me trying to be all witty and pun-y and such. How'm I doin'?

Planning on posting a couple hilarious cat links in the near future -- if not in the wee hours of the night then definitely tomorrow.

Update: Eileen just suggested that it might be very clever to sub-title my blog "Tales of Tailess Cats." But then she thought it might lead people to think that MY cat has no tail and then I started to worry and think that maybe my header was sending false information out into cyberspace. So allow me to clarify. Cleo does have a tail. Fear not. In fact, it is an exceptionally long one. She is not one of those breeds that is tailess and has not lost it in an accident, so if you were in the middle of writing a letter of condolence, thank you for your kind thoughts but it really isn't necessary. :)


Clarissa Draper said...

I love your header. The cats are so cute. I don't know if it really matches the background because the background is serious and the cats are fun. I would keep the cats though.

Just my two cents...


Liz said...

I think you're very right. I love the background but I'm going to look and see if I can find something that matches better...

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Stopping by with fried chicken and pop for Karen's BBQ. Hope you are having a good weekend. Glad you cat has a tail!