Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bizarre New York City Sign Of The Day

Escalators are for Passengers Only

Someone please explain the meaning of this sign to me.

Today I was getting off the E train and took the escalator up to the street. On the way up, I encountered this proclamation above me, which leads me to beg the following questions.

Dear New York City MTA,

Do you mean that joyriding is not allowed on the escalators? Is this an attempt to derail teenage shenanigans before they start? Because I'm pretty sure there are worse crimes the teens of New York could commit, and more interesting ones as well, than riding a moving set of stairs. Are you asking homeless people not to hangout on the escalators? Are you afraid they are going to ride up and down soliciting people for money? I suppose they do that on the trains and those are moving so it only makes sense to jump to this conclusion. Are you saying that only passengers of the subways are allowed on the escalators? Given that there is no reason to take the escalators to or from the subway unless you a) plan to ride the subway, b) have just ridden the subway, or c) are a homeless person who plans to solicit money, I feel as though this doesn't need specification.

Really, I'm lost. Please enlighten me. Who is it that is riding these escalators who isn't supposed to be? WHO? Inquiring minds want to know!



MonkeyLOLogist said...

Personally, I'd love to see someone try and enforce that rule. How do you know I'm not a passenger? Have you been following me?!? :p

My favorite strange sign experience was at a bus stop here in Albuquerque. In the street next to the curb was an area marked in yellow paint that said "DO NOT STAND IN THE SAFETY ZONE." And I thought, that's weird. Isn't the safety zone the place where you SHOULD stand? :p

Liz said...

I think my boyfriend is a genius and figured it out. They mean no inanimate objects. Like, no moving furniture. But I still find this confusing and vague. Maybe they should say "escalators for human beings only" or something.

That is also a bizarre sign.

Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

oh. wow. your boyfriend could interpret that? b/c my best guess was that employees weren't allowed on the escalator.

b/c i'd totally be like "I'm a passenger and so's my couch."

Liz said...

Ah! Employees! Another one I hadn't thought of.

Re couch: hee!