Sunday, August 21, 2011


I see how you could think so, but even I'm not this crazy.
I don't think this video is legit, but it could be and it's so funny I don't care.
Make sure to watch the whole thing because it only gets funnier:


Joanne said...

Ok this has GOT to be fake! too funny!

lizhellebuyck said...

I laughed so hard I cried! Cats on rainbows?

(Also, hey fellow Campaigner!)

Rachel Morgan said...

Whaaaat?! Hahaha! If that's not legit then that girl is a really good actress. There's no way I could do that without totally cracking up at myself!

MonkeyLOLogist said...

I want them in a basket with bowties, liz.

Liz said...

With rainbows, Jenny. With rainbows.