Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ankle Biter

I have a dog.

I know that the title of this blog is misleading, but it's true. Technically it is my roommate's dog and, even though I am a cat person, I admit that he is the cutest little ball of fuzz to ever have a waggy tail. This is Bo:

In this picture Bo is clearly saying: "look how cute I am with my duckling fuzz fur and my little ears and black nose and brown puppy dog eyes. Look at how innocently I sit here. As innocent as innocent could be."

Bo is a lying liar who lies.

I love Bo, really I do, and it is a good thing, or I would have pitched him out of a window by now.

Bo is a baby and he is teething. This means he is in a phase when he chews on everything. And I mean EVERYTHINGGGGGGG.These things include (in no particular order):

1) Doggy biscuits.

2) His toys.

3) His wee wee pads.

4) Clothing.

5) Shoes.

6) Towels.

7) Blankets.

8) Pillows.

9) The couch.

10) The coffee table.

11) The dining room chairs.

12) People (including, but not limited to: toes, ankles, hands, arms, chins, cheeks and ears).

13) My roommate's homework.

14) Books.

15) Cat toys.

16) The cat's scratching post.

17) The cat.

We have received some really great advice from friends of ours who have owned dogs. We are eternally grateful for this advice. None of it has worked.

We've also received much unsolicited advice from random people standing in line at PetCo. I assume this is what it is like to have a child and to have every other mother of the world give unwanted recommendations based on how they've raised their own children.

Soon Bo will begin puppy school. I've imagined this is like a "Mommy and Me" class for dogs, where every other puppy will be sitting there perfectly behaved while our child runs around chewing on all of them.

I feel like we're terrible mothers.

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