Monday, August 30, 2010

Fat Woman In A Little Seat

This is the blog post in which I likely unintentionally insult someone.

Consider this a disclaimer if you must. I will now plow ahead unabashedly. Here is my story.

The other day I boarded the 6 train which I take home from work. Especially in the evening when everyone is making their nightly commute the trains are, of course, very crowded. It is always difficult to find a seat.

On this particular evening, I spotted one between a man and a rather (insert politcally correct adjective here) girthier woman. I dodged the people getting on and off, zoning in on that seat like a missle with a homing beacon. (This is something you will learn more about in one of my inevitable future New York City Lessons: How to Ride the Subway.)

I squeezed into the seat and began removing my bag from my shoulder to place it in my lap. It is a small shoulder bag with short straps, ergo I consider it a purse and carry it with me everywhere. It is not large and encombersome but still fits all my necessities (it has, in fact, become a black whole of necessities, and some things not so necessary, but that is another story entirely).

Anyway, a seat is a seat and I am not a large girl, and when you find one you take one, ya know? So I sit down and I am rearranging my bag and this short piece of dialogue takes place:

Woman of Girth (said in a snotty, condescending voice): Can you move your bag?

Me (desired response): If you can move your fat.

Me (actual response): Sure.

That's it, really. That's the whole story. And I wouldn't have thought twice if she had asked me kindly, but the wretchedness of her tone and the fact that I was already reduced to three quarters of a seat made me not so open to niceties. Of course, as you can see, I am a nice person and responded politely as noted.

I really don't know what the point of this was other than that it annoyed me and my mother (who is the nicest person on planet earth) recently had a similar experience on an airplane and was equally irritated so I know it's not just me.


MonkeyLOLogist said...

I was on the bus in DC on my way to work one day, and because I get on the bus on one of the earliest stops I had a window seat. A Woman of Girth seated herself next to me shortly thereafter. When my bus got to my work building and stopped, I stood up, indicating my desire to get off. Instead of actually standing up to let me out, she just turns a little to the side, leaving me maybe five inches to walk through. I'm skinny but I'm not that skinny. I just sort of look at the space, flabbergasted. She doesn't move. I take a deep breath and force my way through.

Ahhhh public transportation.

GWSam said...

Fat people disgust me.