Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Love Post-its®: An Ode Of Joy

This is an entry about love. About one thing in this world that I cannot do without. And that thing is Post-its®.
Post-its®, you come in such a beautiful array of colors. Pastel? Neon? Ultra? You look good enough to eat!

Oh Post-its®, what would I do without you? How perfectly you stick to my desk and how easily I can scribble down inane messages from people whose calls I don't plan to return. How lovely you look in your neat little rainbow stack and spread about in what I like to call a system of organization.

Oh Post-its®! The dispenser? How genius! Small and large, you refuse to be conformed to one size. Through your variety I am a free woman. Free to take notes and stick them all over my desk and computer and phone like sprinkles of joy. Even the worst message from the most irritating press outlet won't bog down your beauty.

Yes, Post-its®, this post is dedicated to you.

I could not live without you.

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