Friday, February 18, 2011

Taxi Cab Door + Head = FAIL

My head really hurts, you guys. I'm pretty sure I'm concussed.

This morning I was getting into a cab and somehow, using my incomparable spacial awareness skills, managed to smack my head on the top of the the door. It was an internal resounding thunk followed by a brain rattle and then throbbing.

That throbbing has since taken over my entire head which has been now hurting for close to 10 hours. I've been pretty overzealous with the Tylenol at this point -- definitely way more than two tabs every six hours.

I'm pretty convinced I'm going to go to sleep tonight and slip into a coma.

Stupid cabs with their stupid stupidness.

Other than my self-imposed brain damage, this day was beautiful. Made me really sad I had to be in the office all day. And thinking of how great this day was made me think of my favorite SNL Lonely Island video. Never fails to make me laugh. Enjoy!


Don't Drink and Write said...


Love it.

Liz said...

Awesome screen name.